VIDEO: Remy Ma Performs “shETHER” Live

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VIDEO: Remy Ma Performs “shETHER” Live :Setting aside any click-bait articles calling it the “greatest diss ever,” Remy Ma’s barbarous diss “shETHER,” solely aimed at Nicki Minaj (with others thrown under the bus for good measure) is filled with trenchant wit and soul-piercing punchlines, unmercifully going for The Harajuku Barbie’s jugular.

Shesus Khryst‘s internet-breaking bruiser also unwittingly (or knowingly?) looped in Trey Songz and Hot 97’s Ebro Darden into the drama-filled crease, accusing the two of sleeping with Nicki, and in general, caused the shit storm to intensify ten-fold.

Less than a day after its release, the Bronx bomber performed the song for the first time during her time at the Hip Hop and Soul Concert in Reading, PA last night (February 25th), surrounded by Lil Kim, The LOX and more.

Check out a couple clips of the “performance” below.

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